Full Care Package

Two prenatal visits, in the comfort of your own home. Each visit lasts about two hours. This is time for education, exercises, questions, and getting to know one another. A third visit may be added, if needed. Any prenatal visit after 36 weeks can include a session of acupressure to prepare your body for labor and birth.

In labor I am with you to support you emotionally and physically – creating a safe space where you can labor and birth in as healthy and empowering a way as possible. I am there not only to support you, but also to support your husband, if present, providing tips, reassurance, and time for rest and nourishment. Many hands make light work!

In the days and weeks after birth, I provide two postpartum visits. This is a time for you to go over your experience, ask questions, and get help, if needed, with breastfeeding, pumping, (cloth) diapering, etc.


Where allowed: for women who are not hiring me as their doula, I offer separate in-home acupressure sessions starting at 36 weeks gestation. Each session is approximately one hour. I use a protocol designed for doulas by a Licensed Acupuncturist to prepare your body for a smooth labor and birth. For my doula clients who would like to add extra acupressure sessions outside of our prenatal appointments, the cost is reduced.

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